Almond Commands for Home Assistant Devices
Hey there! Home Assistant (HA) and Almond are partnering up to allow you to control your devices via an open-source privacy-preserving natural language interface! But first, in order to kick start Almond's AI, we need some help collecting possible commands for the devices!

In this survey, you can enter commands that you would like Almond to be able to understand for each device. The examples collected here will help to train and validate Almond's performance!

Please do NOT enter any personal information in this survey!
The commands collected will be made publicly available in an open repository!

In general, Almond supports queries, actions and conditional commands.

Examples of queries:
- Is my door open?
- Did I turn off the lights?
- Check if the battery is full

Examples of actions
- Turn on the lights
- Tell the vacuum to start cleaning

Examples of conditional commands that combine actions and queries
- Turn on the light when the motion sensor detects someone
- Tell me when smoke is detected
- Notify me if the door opens and I am not at home
- Close the shades when the temperature is above 25 degrees

For more examples of HA devices and Almond skills, check out the following links:
- Home Assistant docs (
- Almond's Thingpedia Skills (

Thank you for your help!
What devices would you like to use Home Assistant with?
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What are the commands you would like to give your devices?

These can be:
- Queries ("Is my door open?")
- Actions ("Turn on the light")
- Conditional commands ("Close the curtains when I leave the house.")

For each device, enter "# <device name (optional device class)>", followed by the commands for that device, with one command per line. If a command involves multiple devices, just enter it under any one of the devices. Here is an example.

# Binary Sensor (Battery)
Is my battery charged?
Check if the battery is full.
Notify me when the battery is full.
# Vacuum
Turn on the vacuum when I leave the house.
Is my vacuum cleaning?
# Cover (Door)
Notify me if someone opens my door when I am not at home.
Please enter 3 to 10 commands per device below in the format described above. Remember to remove any personal information!
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