PE Exemption Track & Field
The junior or senior student-athlete whose signature appears on this form has requested to take a Physical Education Exemption in lieu of his/her physical education class.  This is a quiet study hall where students are engaging in academic work.  A student-athlete must be enrolled in a full day of academics to be eligible for the exemption.  A student-athlete with a study hall, late arrival, early dismissal or student aide in their schedule is not eligible for the exemption.  In order to receive graduation credit for physical education a student-athlete must attend the assign study hall in the Multipurpose Room during their exemption period.  
The student-athlete understands that he/she must return to their physical education class immediately, dressed in proper physical education attire and participate in activities when:
  1. Student-athlete's participation season is over (S/A is no longer competing)
  2. Quitting the team
  3. Being dropped from the team
  4. Student has dropped a class and an additional study hall has been added to their academic schedule
  5. The student-athlete is excessively truant from study hall or practice/games
  6. If the student-athlete fails to behave properly and several conduct referrals have been submitted to the Dean's Office
  7. Student-athlete is in violation of the Athletic Code, Activities Code or IHSA Athletic Code
  8. Has not completed all state mandated Fitness Testing
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