Bravo Fleet Gaming Office
The Bravo Fleet Gaming Office is responsible for managing and growing the community's online gaming presence. The Gaming Office is currently focused on Star Trek Online, with plans to expand to other games in the future. The Gaming Office typically hosts online events with other members, live streams gameplay, and regularly interacts with fleet members on Discord. The Gaming Office manages Gaming Achievements submitted by members, and they work with the Office of the Chief of Staff to hand out fleet gaming awards.

A strong Bravo Fleet Gaming Officer is an active gamer who has plenty of knowledge and experience playing video games (preferably Star Trek Online). They have a proven record of successful live streams, either through online gaming, podcasting, or recording videos. They preferably have experience hosting online events, and they know how to encourage members to participate in fleet activities.

A strong Command Adjutant applicant doesn't have to be an active gamer, but they should have a strong sense of what gamers want and you should be able to help administrate gaming in Bravo Fleet (including live streams, gaming events, and more).
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