oSTEM 2019 Conference Application
Please fill out this application if you are interested in attending the oSTEM 2019 National Conference in Detroit, MI (hosted by Mariott at the Renaissance Center), held November 14th - 17th, 2019. We would like to get a good idea of who is interested in going and, if possible, allocate funding for students who need assistance. Please join us as we explore the field of STEM. This conference will allow you to network with oSTEM participants and companies from around the country.

Funding for students to attend the conference will be prioritized by students who:
1. Are involved with the UC Santa Barbara oSTEM chapter.
2. Are STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics) majors.
3. Have actively sought out leadership roles in the UCSB/LGBTQ/STEM/local community.
4. Are in good academic standing.
5. Have expressed a great importance or discussed strong benefits they would receive by attending the conference.

*NOTE: The only programming on Thursday is the Hackathon! Students who wish to participate in the Hackathon will be prioritized for early departure!
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How often have you attended oSTEM general body meetings or events in the last year? *
What do you hope to achieve/gain from attending the 2019 oSTEM National Conference? *
Ex: networking, job or internship opportunities, leadership skills, research presentation, etc.
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Are you able to attend the conference Nov. 14th-17th, possibly leaving the evening of Nov. 13th? *
If not, please explain. Note, the conference begins on Thursday, Nov. 14th.
If you can't miss class Friday, what time does it end?
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Do you wish to participate in the Hackathon (9 AM-10 PM Thurday & 8 AM-12 PM Friday) *
Participation will limit your ability to participate in programming on Friday
What time would you be able to leave? *
If you are not able to go the WHOLE time period, select the next period (ie. if your class ends at 2, choose evening, not afternoon)
Morning (8-11 AM)
Afternoon (12-4 PM)
Evening (5-10 PM)
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Have you applied for any outside funding? If so, what kind? *
E.g. scholarship, school program, etc.
Academically, will attending the conference negatively affect you? *
E.g. have you emailed your professors, planned out homework or missed sections, etc.
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Why should you be chosen to go to the conference? *
How will your attendance benefit the UC Santa Barbara oSTEM chapter, the oSTEM community, you, the world, etc. Please be thorough.
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