Desertmartin Community Services Survey
Following on from our application for funding under the Rural Services Scheme in 2017, we unfortunately came up just short in the awarding process. This however is not the end of the road for our Community Services project. Through our consultation in February last year, and through our feasibility study, we have found that there are service needs for the local community, and the government's own figures show the area is deprived in terms of proximity to services.

We identified that there is an aging population with 50% of residents over 40 years of age, and accept that the Club has in the past been mainly focused on physical activities enjoyed by our youth. The aims of the Community Services Project is to further identify the social and psychological needs of you the community, what services we can put in place, and what facilities we need to develop in order to provide those services. This can range from book clubs, to farming safety education, to providing a local place for our elderly to socialise and combat isolation.

Please fill in the few short sections below. Answers are anonymous, and will allow us to build up a picture of the most pressing needs, and serve as evidence that we have consulted the community. Paper versions will also be made avilable at the club and can be returned anonymously also.

Information about you
What age category do you fall into?
How far do you live from Desertmartin GAC?
Are you a member of Desertmartin GAC?
Have you ever played sports at the club?
Have you attended any events or activities at the club?
If so what type of events?
Do you feel there is a need to extend existing facilities allowing the club to deliver additional services?
How would you rate the current facilities?
1 Very Poor
2 Poor
3 Average
4 Good
5 Excellent
The space available for large functions
The space available for small functions
Comfortable environment
The availability of catering facilities
Toileting facilities
Disabled access
Availablitiy of non-sporting services
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