CROSS Symposium 2020 Questionnaire
This is the first year we are having the CROSS Research Symposium fully on-line. Although we could not interact in person (nor enjoy our annual Oktoberfest activities), we hope that you found the event was interesting and rewarding.

We would appreciate if you could take some time to give us your opinion about how we did and whether this on-line format worked. CROSS is planning to continue to hold events that highlight our research and innovative open source projects. Your input will help us improve our furture events.
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Did having this event on-line make it easier for you to attend? (i.e. in previous years did traveling to the event make it difficult for you to attend?)
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Please indicate your overall satisfaction with these aspect of the event:
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This year CROSS highlighted the work of our undergraduate students by providing them with a chance to present lightning talks and have virtual poster sessions. If you attended one of these sessions, did you find them interesting/useful? Would you like to see more focus on the work of undergraduate researchers in the future?
Once Covid-related restrictions on meetings have been lifted, what is your preference for meeting format?
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Do you have any comments/suggestions about the Symposium format? Were there aspects you found particularly useful? Were there aspect you thought should be improved?
Please feel free to add any additional comments or suggestions! Thanks for taking the time to fill out this form.
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