APPLICATION FORM: Ping Chong + Company, Undesirable Elements/Dearborn
Thank you for your interest in participating in Ping Chong + Company: Undersirable Elements/Dearborn. Please read the below requirements very carefully. If you are unable to fulfill any of these requirements, especially the time commitment required for rehearsals and production, please do not apply for an interview. If you are uncertain about any of the requirements, please contact Kathryn Grabowski at for clarification. Please complete the following questionnaire to request an interview slot.
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Important Dates
• Feb. 18 - Application Deadline
• Feb. 24 - March 4 - Interviews with applicants
• Mid April thru May 11 - Rehearsals (evenings and weekends)
• May 11 - Performance
• May 12 - Performance
Participants must:
• Be at least 18 years of age.
• Have some connection to Dearborn and identify as an Arab American.
• Be comfortable speaking and reading in English, as well as their first language, if English is not their first language.
• Be willing to talk openly about their lives, family, culture and customs, and share their thoughts in a public forum.
• Be willing to talk openly about cultural differences and identity issues, and make critical observations about the culture in which they currently live.
• Be willing to allow others to express contrary opinions or political views.
• Be available for an initial interview lasting approximately 2 hours between the dates of February 24 and March 4, 2018.
• Selected participants must be available for 1-2 additional interviews lasting approximately 2 hours each, plus some hours of research, possibly about their family or the history and culture of their place of origin.
• Be available for 3-4 weeks of evening and weekend rehearsals (about 3 hours per evening, 4-5 rehearsals per week) in the period leading up to production (3-4 weeks leading up to May 11, 2018, the show premiere date). Please note that you will be compensated for your time.
• Be available for all technical rehearsals and performances.

PLEASE NOTE: This project does not require that participants have previous performance, dance, or singing experience, but they must be willing to share their personal experiences on stage and in public. No memorization is involved in the performance. The script will be read on stage in English except for a potential song or poem in one’s own language.
Not all people interviewed will be selected to participate in the final project. For those who are selected, not every experience shared in the interview process will be included in the final production.

Participant Information – Background Questionnaire
Please answer these questions to the best of your knowledge. Do not worry if you do not know an answer, or if the question is uncomfortable, you may write N/A and skip that question. Please use as much space as necessary.
What is your full name? Do you have a separate traditional or cultural name? *
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Does your name have any special meaning, and were you named for anyone? *
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Where and when were you born (Date, year, city, country)? *
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What time of day were you born and what season/time of year was it? Are there any special stories about the day you were born or circumstances of your birth? *
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What language did you speak growing up? What language(s) do you speak at home now? *
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Who lived in your home(s) growing up? *
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Please share the names and some background of the people who raised you. *
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Did you have a relationship with grandparents/family elders growing up? Please share their names and backgrounds. *
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Was there a person in your life who had a profound influence on shaping the person you are today? If so, please give an example of how they influenced you. *
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Please share any unique or unusual stories about your family’s history. *
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What are some holiday, festival, or cultural traditions that you experienced growing up, including foods? (wedding ceremony, naming ceremony, harvest festival, etc). Do you currently observe/celebrate them? *
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If not born in your current city, how long have you lived there, and what brought you there? *
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What significance has the city of Dearborn, MI played in your life or your family’s history? *
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What do you like about living in your current city? What do you dislike about living in your city? *
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What are some of the major issues that you see as currently or historically present in Dearborn? *
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What are some assumptions (positive or negative) that people make about you or people who share your cultural or personal identity? *
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What are some assumptions (positive or negative) that people make about Dearborn? *
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Where is “home” for you? If “home” is not where you currently live, what do you miss? *
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What do you think of when you think of the place you were born, Dearborn, or your current home/community (sights, sounds, smells, people, etc)? *
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Are there any other details about yourself that you wish to share? *
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Participant Information - Chronology
Please fill out the below form with major events that have happened in your lifetime. These should include the date of your birth, births and deaths of close family members, and moves between cities or countries. Also include relevant historical events that impacted you, such as war or natural disaster. Use as much space as necessary. Example:

1980 I am born in the Bronx, NY
1984 My parents split and I am sent to live with my grandmother in Pennsylvania
1990 I start taking dance lessons. Dance becomes a refuge for me.
1994 My grandmother dies and I return to live with my mother
1994 I get a scholarship to a summer dance program and leave home for the first time. It is freeing.
1996 I fall in love for the first time.
1998 I go to college to study dance. I don’t fit into the program’s view of a dancer. I drop out.
2001 9/11 happens. My mom’s best friend is killed.
2003 I am in a serious car accident. I struggle with depression.
2005 I go back to school for dance education. I find my passion again.
2007 My dad and I reconcile before his death.
2012 I meet my life partner.

Year - Event *
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Rehearsal Availability
Please list your regular scheduled commitments (work/school/family), and any specific dates you know you will be unavailable during the rehearsal and performance period (Mid-April thru May 12, 2018).
Mondays *
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Tuesdays *
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Wednesdays *
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Thursdays *
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Fridays *
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Saturdays *
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Sundays *
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Participant Information - Names (SAMPLE/OPTIONAL)
Please list 6-10 names that are common names in your culture OR family history Please also note if the name has any special meaning (eg: Rosa means Rose, Hakim means wise, Aiko means beloved), or if it is the name of an important religious, cultural or, political figure.

Also, if you grew up in a family or community where nicknames were common, please provide examples of names and their nicknames.

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Participant Information – Poem / What do you think of? (SAMPLE/OPTIONAL)
Please provide a poem (it can be in English or another language), that is meaningful to you and in some way reflects cultural background or personal identity. This poem can be one you have written yourself or by any author.
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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