The Future Of Mediamarmalade
Thanks so much for taking part in my questionnaire, I'm always looking to evolve, grow and update mediamarmalade to make sure my content not only helps inspire your style, travels & life, but also helps you in your career and blogging journey too. Your feedback, advice and tips really help me shape the content I create & will help me define the future of mediamarmalade, so any comment is so appreciated x
How long have you been a reader of mediamarmalade?
How did you discover mediamarmalade?
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What are your favourite posts to read?
How often do you catch up on mediamarmalade on average?
How many posts do you tend to read when you visit?
Where do you discover new posts from on mediamarmalade?
What do you like about mediamarmalade?
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What would you like to see more of on mediamarmalade?
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What other channels would you want mediamarmalade to expand into?
What other blogs or youtubers do you follow?
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What do you love about these blogs or youtubers?
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Do you follow mediamarmalade on instagram?
If not, is there a reason why?
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What are your favourite Instagram accounts?
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If you could give us one piece of advice, to help make mediamarmalade better, what would it be?
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