2020-2021 In System School Zone Transfer
Cullman County Schools will consider transfers for students out of their school zone on a case-by-case basis following Cullman County Schools board policy. The Board may permit transfers between schools within the school system for hardship cases.
Transfer requests must be submitted in writing and must include detailed reasons for the request.
All transfer considerations will be based on the capacity and resources of the schools, the student’s attendance, discipline and academic record, and the best interests of the student and the school system.
Local school principals have the final decision on school zone transfers.
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Student Information
This is information about the student that wishes to transfer. If more than one student wishes to request a transfer, another form will need to be completed.
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Important Information
Students permitted for a school zone transfer will be evaluated on a year to year basis (attendance, academics, discipline).
Any transfer student that becomes truant (5 or more unexcused absences) or has excessive tardies (5 or more) may be withdrawn and may enroll in the school zone where he/she lives.
Cullman County Schools will comply with all AHSAA rules and regulations regarding bona fide moves and placement.
Transportation will not be provided for school zone transfers.
Failure to disclose pertinent information about a student is grounds for the school to withdraw the student.

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