2018 Annual Member Feedback Survey
Hello! Thanks for being a member of Local First. Whether you've been a member for 10 years or only just recently signed up, we would love to hear from you on why you joined, what benefits you are currently getting from membership, and what we could do to help you thrive here in La Plata County.
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Do you intentionally source (or get your services) from local, independent businesses?
Do you donate to local charities? If so, how much (in percent of profits)?
For the following questions please rate on a scale from 1-5 (with 1 being not a challenge and 5 being a huge challenge) what are the biggest challenges your business faces.
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5 (A huge challenge)
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Providing healthcare for employees
Retaining employees
Increasing Profits
Managing Cash-Flow
Finding New Customers
Regulations (at a state or local level)
Affording Rent
Affording Business Taxes
Competing with Online Markets
Running Social Media
Balancing Growth and Quality
Marketing and Communications
Having an online presence
Parking availability at or near your location
Feedback on Current Programs
Local First works on several initiatives: Buy Local, Eat Local, Create Local, and Act Local. Each of our programs and events falls under one of these initiatives for helping to promote the Local First movement.
1 (Not supportive to my business)
5 (Very supportive to my business
Not sure
Be Local Coupon Book
Independents Week- Shop Local Campaign (July 1-7)
Noel Night/ Holiday Shop Local Campaign (12 Days of Shop Local)
Monthly Loyalty Offers for Locals
Online Business Directory
Eat Local Celebration (Campaign the Month of September)
Not Supportive to My Business
Very Supportive to My Business
Harvest Dinner
Not Supportive to My Business
Very Supportive to My Business
Act Local: Advocacy Work
Local First is a nonprofit business alliance that works with local, independent businesses to build an economy that values people, the planet, and prosperity for everyone.

We advocate on behalf of our 250 member businesses on issues that are relevant to owning a local, independent business and issues that promote an economy that values the triple bottom line, described above.

As a member, we would like to hear from you on issues that are relevant to your business! As a small nonprofit, we will prioritize issues that affect more of our business members than issues only relevant to one member.

Which of the following topics that we are currently working on are important/relevant to you? Check all that apply
Overall, how's the customer service that you have received from Local First? *
Overall, do you see an increase in business thanks to Local First efforts? *
Overall, do you see a positive impact as a result of being involved with Local First? *
Moving Forward
What issues or topics are we not working on that you would like us to engage in? Please describe the issue and why it is affecting your business.
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Are there any other concerns or comments you would like to share with us around the way we support you as a member?
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We will share our findings with our members in future annual reports and share some feedback on our website, potentially as a testimonial. Your privacy is very important to us and we will only share independent answers if you feel comfortable doing so.
What are you comfortable with us sharing?
Thank you so much for your feedback! We will use this to improve membership as we move forward.
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