Growanstede Smallhold 2021 CSA

The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) method directly connects the community with the farmers who feed them.  Members purchase shares of the farmer’s harvest in advance, and receive crops as they’re harvested.  This bonds farmers to their community, and the community to their food in a system that directly benefits everyone. 


The Lane-Kreis family moved to their rented 10-acre farm in November of 2018.  We began our first year with just 10 bi-weekly deliveries, grew to 18 weekly deliveries with 18 members in 2020, and are now debuting their third farm summer with 18 weekly shares and opening for 28 members! Continued support from our community, family, and friends through this venture is keeping us on a track of growth, both as farmers and as a business.

Thank you so much for your interest and support for a farm family in the continuation of their venture.  Welcome back to our old members, and welcome home to our new.  We look forward to being your farmer once again!


Join us for our third year--as we continue to ramp up this CSA journey, we are looking for people who can be flexible with us and give us good feedback on process, needs, desires/expectations, and outcome.  We are looking to be true partners with our members.

Growanstede Smallhold is located in Marshall, WI where the family is renting a farmhouse, barn, and 10 acres of land. Our ultimate goal is to create an enclosed regenerative ecosystem—with the farm sustaining itself using heritage, heirloom produce and livestock through organic practices.

If you have any questions or concerns, we can be reached at or via phone or text at 608-561-8442.

 *please note that we are not yet certified organic.  we do use organic practices.*



June 16
June 23
June 30
July 7
July 14
July 21
July 28
August 4
August 11
August 18
August 25
September 1
September 8
September 15
September 22
September 29
October 6
October 13


Full Season Share : $525
Bi-Weekly Full Share : $275
Full Season Half-Share : $275
Bi-Weekly Half-Share : $140
Full Season Egg Share : $90
Bi-Weekly Egg Share : $45
Full Season Herb Share : $72
Bi-Weekly Herb Share : $36

Fall Feastival Box : $50
Turkey Feastival Box : $80
Duck Feastival Box : $65
Chicken Feastival Box : $70 (two chickens included)

Please note that you can pay half at order, and prior to first delivery. Indicate that you are in need of this payment plan below if necessary. Payments for Feastival boxes must be made upon order.
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