PrepMate Chopping Board Questionnaire
Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire! The information collected here will help us greatly to improve our product and the design of it.
This is the current design of our chopping board. Are you satisfied with the current appearance of our board?
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Please elaborate on why you are satisfied or not satisfied with the appearance of our board:
How often would you see yourself using this product?
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What problem that you experience with preparing food would you like this chopping board to solve?
What features do you like on the board?
What features do you think are missing from the board?
How can we improve our board to better suit your needs?
Who else do you think would find this board useful?
How would you compare our board to that of our competitors? (Other chopping boards and disability aids on the market)
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At what price point would you consider purchasing our board?
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Would you buy this chopping board?
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Please explain why you would either buy the chopping board or not buy the chopping board:
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Thank you for taking our questionnaire!
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