X220/X230 FHD mod kit pre-order
As described here: https://forum.thinkpads.com/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=122640

Contact e-mail: nitrocaster@yahoo.com / Pavel
The reservation fee is $10/kit.
The price is $54/kit (includes the reservation payment).
The shipping fee is $5. Local pickup is available in Moscow, Russia.

After submitting this form I will send you instructions on how to make a reservation payment. If you make this payment, you commit to pay the remaining amount later when your order is ready.

About the $10 deposit:
Pre-order confirmation requires making a reservation payment (deposit) of $10. This is some guarantee that you are somewhat serious about buying it, and it would help me cover manufacturing costs. Making this payment means that you commit to buy your pre-ordered kit(s) and I commit to make them. Note that the reservation payment is not refundable if you decide to cancel your pre-order.

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