Grills Breakfast
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Washes hands and uses proper glove procedures. *
Blue Gloves must be worn when touching any raw product, then removed before touching any utensils.
Uses charts or direction from manager to determine run sizes. *
Only cooks on a clean grill. *
Sausage Patties
Uses both hands to lay beef patties. Right to Left, Front to Back. *
Stacks 4 high in UHC tray with a liner. *
Only cooks one sleeve at a time. *
Flips Bacon with super spatula. *
Places bacon on wire mess tray neatly and not on top of each other. *
Canadian Bacon
Cooks only in cold zone of grill 2-4 inches from front. *
Uses black hutzler spatula to turn Canadian bacon after 8 - 10 seconds. *
Places Canadian Bacon in UHC tray with slotted insert. *
Breakfast Steak
Cooks no more than 6 at a time. *
Uses 2 Ounce measuring spoodle for onions. *
1/2 of spoodle per pattie
Seasons each patty while still on the grill. *
Uses 2 spatulas to pull and drain each patty and places onion on each. *
Round Eggs
Sprays butter over rings, 2 swipes. *
Immediately removes blue gloves after cracking all the eggs. *
Pours 2 ounces of water into the center of the egg ring. *
Finished eggs are moist, gel yoke - not over cooked, not brown on outside. *
Folded Eggs
Sprays 1 swipe for up to 6 eggs, 2 swipes for more than 6 eggs. *
Does not place any eggs in center of ring. *
Does NOT spay top of eggs (clarified butter). *
Pours 2 ounces of water in center of egg ring. *
Uses a super spatula to remove eggs into UHC tray. Maximum of 12 per tray (6 Stacks of 2) *
Scrambled Eggs
Uses measuring cup for proper amount. *
Sprays butter in 4 sweeping sprays. *
Cooks Eggs - Immediately begin a front-to-center, back-to-center scraping motion. Scrape continuously until eggs appear moist, fluffy and light yellow in color. *
Use white super spatula to place into UHC tray. Use egg fork to separate in to equal proportions. *
Egg Whites
2 sweeping sprays of butter *
Pours liquid egg into blue handle ladle. Starting at one end of ring and continuing in a straight line across the ring to the other side. Cooking no more than three at a time. *
Let eggs sit for 10 - 15 seconds. Then starting at the top push eggs to center moving clockwise. *
Use white super spatula to place in UHC tray. *
Area Cleanliness
Keep area clean and stocked *
Back splash, fronts of grills, floor. Stocks freezers/Seasoning/ Tray Liners when caught up.
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