Sac Anime Winter 2019 Application
MAXIMUM TIME LIMIT IS 5 MINUTES (entrance and promo).

This is NOT an actual wrestling show and instead a battle of promos and character performance. No physical contact is allowed between contestants during the course of the show unless authorized by CWF staff ahead of time.
Cosplayers cannot enter as existing professional wrestlers from any organization alive or dead. However using existing pro wrestlers as inspiration is perfectly fine. Going as an indie wrestler is discouraged, but can be discussed.
Entrance themes of existing professional wrestlers cannot be used. Special consideration toward songs that were licensed before being attached to a pro wrestler or were originally public domain (see Daniel Bryan's theme) are up for special consideration.

The CWF reserves the right to request a contestant to alter their entry if the need to arises. These include entries that may be deemed too offensive or done in poor taste. Such evaluations are reviewed on a case to case basis. CWF staff has the final say in these cases and will work closely with any possibly entry to help come to an acceptable alternative.
If it is determined that a showtime you are not properly prepared for the event, CWF Staff have the right to pull you from the roster at the last minute. Please note that such an action is done in order to protect the quality of the show as well as the reputation of the wrestler and only executed as a last resort.

While submissions of promo samples via audio and video are still optional we HIGHLY encourage contestants to consider doing so given how competitive the applicants have been and the number of entries we’ve been receiving lately. While we will do our best and provide fair judgment, submitting a sample does maximize your chances as we can see/listen to your mic skills allowing us to come to a more accurate judgment.

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