From “Scientific Activist” to “Activist Scientist”
August 2 2021, 6:00AM to 7:30AM EST

Join us for a live debate on impact-driven research at an All-Academy PDW!!!

A growing number of management scholars aim to combine their academic research with real-world impact, through taking a stance on pressing societal issues and combining activism with scientific rigor. Scholars’ focus can vary from prioritizing their “activist” role or their “scientist” role. In this PDW, we explore how research may engage in societal change not only through the traditional instruments of activism (e.g., protests, demonstrations, public education) but also through the traditional instruments of science (e.g., conducting scientific research to advance knowledge). The purpose of this PDW is to initiate a more structured discussion about being in the spectrum from “Scientific Activist” to “Activist Scientist” with the aim of establishing rigorous methods for engaging closely with managers as a commonly accepted practice. The session will include a panel debate and breakout discussions.

Panelists & Facilitators
Paul S. Adler, University of Southern California
Katharina Dittrich, Warwick University
Seray Ergene, University of Rhode Island
Jonas Haertle, United Nations Institute for Training and Research
Steve Kennedy, Erasmus University
Hannes Leroy, Erasmus University
Juliane Reinecke, King’s College London
Garima Sharma, Georgia State University
Andrew H. Van de Ven, University of Minnesota
Jill Waymire Paine, IE Business School
Gail Whiteman, University of Exeter*

*attendance by video recording only

Katrin Heucher, University of Michigan
Johannes Meuer, ETH Zurich
Sara Soderstrom, University of Michigan
Amanda Williams, ETH Zurich

Please note, registration is not needed to attend the session but will be used for pre and post session communication.
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