Timeless Beauty Bridal Client Questionnaire
Please answer the questions below in order to assist me with your beauty enhancement
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Please list the first and last names of the Bridesmaids being serviced (Include Titles such as Maid of Honor, Junior Bridesmaid, etc.) *
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Do you have any skin concerns that I should be made aware of? (Please Explain) *
Are there any cosmetic brands or or skincare products that have been known to irritate your skin? *
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What is your hair color? *
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What foundation brand do you wear and what is your shade? *
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What is the name and location of the venue? (Please provide address if possible-if not sure provide city) *
Do you have a wedding hashtag? (If so please list it below) *
What time will the wedding start? *
What time will the last client need to be completed for pictures, etc.? *
What are the colors and theme of the wedding? *
Please describe the makeup look you desire. (Examples are Natural, Bold, Smoky Eye, Red Lip, Neutral Colors, etc.) *
Is there any other information you feel is important to share before your appointment? *
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