Money Mindset Quiz
I started my own online business with zero experience.

I was introduced to this business model by my boyfriend Ben Kelly.
He started 8 years ago with no experience and couples years later left his job as a bricklayer (that was 7 years ago).
He has travelled the world ever since teaching what he learnt. The crowning glory of his success was that (himself and his sister Peta) they were able to retire their single Mum of four from her 38-year teaching career buying her back some time she gave up to raise them.

Inspired from his story I started to learn and do the same.

Now we live in Bali and we want to share with you an opportunity to create a new money story.

Let's get the ball rolling, shall we?

This brief quiz is designed to gain clarity on your desires to earn an extra income online, what amount of income you're looking to circulate towards you, why you even want to earn more money and the what it would mean to and your overall mindset towards money.

By the end of this quiz, you will have at least one thing achieved, some extra clarity through the reflection required to complete it on where you sit within your own relationship to what you think and feel is possible for you when it comes to your financial landscape. What a win!

My main objective is to be able to understand your desires better. Following your answers, I'll either be able to direct you towards the avenue I feel best suits you and your goals or we will be able to discover whether the avenues, outlets and community I've successfully leveraged to create financial independence will be an amazing fit for you too.

Let's dig in...
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What do you value most in life? *
Does money prevent you from doing things in life you love? *
If yes or sometimes, what would you do if money was of no factor? *
What amount of extra income (monthly) would you like to be able to earn? *
How much time per week would you be willing to invest in yourself to be able to invite that amount of money into your life? *
Which of these statements best reflects you relationship with money?
Is there anything you feel prevents you from being able to create more money in your life? *
Have you ventured into any form of business before, if so, what was it?
2-3 years from now, what sort of income do you see popping into your account weekly through all your sources of income? *
Following on from the question above, LIST 10 benefits that you would receive as a direct result of seeing that income flow in weekly? *
What would you look for in a business partner, a mentor or a support network? *
How would you like to progress? *
If you chose discovery call as the next point of progress, what's your best form of contact to schedule? *
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