Where's my Receipt? // Fight for the 51.
Memo to the UC Administration to be sent Oct. 26th 2020 from UC Activist Coalition (boldlybankrupt.com):

The University of Cincinnati lacks the transparency and accountability its students, faculty, and community deserve. Increasingly, we recognize patterns of spending that do not reflect the priorities of an educational institution.

These patterns became especially apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic as students asked themselves how their tuition money is spent after the adjustments brought on by COVID were not reflected in their bill.

We believe the following measures will promote a healthy and informed relationship between the university administration and the people that keeps our school running.

Transparency: We request an itemized receipt that specifically names the expenditures of an undergraduate student’s tuition and fees. Students have the right to know exactly how much they spend on each of UC's services. Until students know where our money goes, we cannot ensure that our tuition is being spent in our best interest.

Accountability: We request that a majority, at least 51% of UC’s revenue, be allocated to colleges. This would ensure that academics are fully funded before any other financial decisions are made. When administrative expenditures come before the college's needs, non-academic projects like building development are prioritized while professors pay for school supplies out of their own pockets.
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