Survey on Paywalls and Digital Subscriptions of Newspapers, Magazines, and news platforms in South Asia
IppStar the leading organisation for detailed primary research of the Indian publishing, printing and packaging industry has initiated a quick snapshot survey of digital subscriptions in the South Asian newspaper and magazine industry. Seminars, conferences and webinars on digital subscriptions are all the rage. Where are we on this subject in South Asia? A snapshot of the results will be published in our platforms including our print monthly Indian Printer & Publisher

Thanks in advance for your cooperation. – Purva Dwivedi, Analyst, IppStar
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What is the total number of digital only subscriptions for each publication
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What was the revenue of digital subscription in FY 18-19?
What will be the expected growth in digital revenue?
What are the drivers for the increase in digital subscriptions?
What are the emerging sections which are leading the increase in the digital subscriptions, if any?
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In your case, which social media platform plays the maximum role?
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