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It’s been six years since a publisher approached me about turning our past year’s Bible study, A Search for the Real Jesus, into a three-part series available to a larger audience. At the beginning, the idea of focusing our attention solely on Jesus for thirty-six weeks seemed so, well, basic. Sure, without Jesus there is no Christianity. True, the Gospel writers exalt Jesus as the climax of the story the Bible is telling. But shouldn’t we already know Jesus?

Moving through the Gospels chronologically (as if a 13th disciple) affirmed everything good and right and beautiful we knew of Jesus. Looking through the eyes of the culture, we began to see how radical Jesus really is. Uncovering things that were obvious to his first century audience—but completely foreign to us 21st century Westerners—brought new meaning not only to the Gospels, but also shed light on the Old Testament Paul’s writing.

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