Share #19thAt100 on June 4
On Tuesday June 4, join the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History for a social media day reflecting on the complex history and legacy of the 19th Amendment.

The passage of the 19th Amendment was a landmark moment. It was the culmination of generations of women organizing to remove sex as barrier to the ballot box. We’ll share their stories.

The 19th Amendment was also an incomplete victory. The amendment did not guarantee suffrage for all women, and the struggle for full enfranchisement continues to today. Until recently, many of the suffragists who struggled to secure a place for women in American democracy—both before and after the 19th Amendment—were left out of our history books. We’ll tell their stories as well.

This June 4 will be the 100th anniversary of Congress approving the 19th Amendment. Mark this anniversary with us by posting social media content related to women’s suffrage on June 4 using the hashtag #19thAt100.

If you have any questions or want to brainstorm ideas, please feel free to e-mail Jordan Grant at
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Pen used to sign the Woman Suffrage Joint Resolution, 1919
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