2018 NEFFA Dance Performance Application
Applications must be submitted by December 1, 2017.

Once we have your application, within a few days, we will send a confirmation.

Contact Information
Please make sure to:
*Give us the exact name of your Dance Performance Group.
*The name of only one person who will be the contact for your group.
*This contact person will communicate with NEFFA personnel in a timely way.
*This contact will share NEFFA related information with all performers in
their group.
*Please note that we are unable to have more than one contact person.
Group Name *
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Contact Name *
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Phone Number (best number to reach the contact) *
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Email (Best email to reach the contact) *
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Availability *
When are you available and when do you prefer to be scheduled? All performances are on the High School Auditorium stage.
Not available
Sat. April 21, 2018 afternoon
Sun. April 22, 2018 afternoon
Please tell us about the type music you will be using. Please note that we prefer live music whenever possible. A separate detailed sound sheet will be sent in a future mailing. *
Proposed Dance Performance Suites
Please provide a brief description of each dance performance you might consider presenting at NEFFA. Bear in mind that NEFFA dance performance slots usually range from 3 to 13 minutes total time per group, which may be divided into more than one dance suite. If your group is scheduled for this year's Festival, the specifics of your performance will be worked out with the committee.
Suite Title *
Country/Region of origin
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Suite Description *
Brief description (fast/slow, couple or line dancing, etc.)
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Number of Dancers for this suite (please approximate) *
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Length of time for this suite, in minutes *
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Another suite? *
Do you have another suite to describe? You have a limit of 3 suites.
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