Denver East High School Incoming 9th Grade Choice of Studies - Class of 2024
Please look through the following Google slides presentation at before choosing your classes. Thank you so much and we can't wait to meet you in the fall! -Ms. LaFleur & Ms. Goodman, East 9th Grade Counselors
9-12th Grade Course catalog PDF class descriptions linked here:
**Please thoughtfully complete this form only ONCE per incoming East student. All choices inputted on this form are course REQUESTS. Please complete ASAP and schedules will be viewable in Infinite Campus Student Portal at the end of July. Class change requests will occur from early August through the first week of school.**
If you have additional questions, comments, or student considerations, you will be able to clarify your questions or concerns on the final question of this survey. Thank you so much.
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Your course requests will also be shared with our SPED/IEP team and they will reach out to you and make adjustments as needed to match your student's IEP needs.
Is your student an English Language Learner and receive ELA/ELD classroom supports? *
9th Grade English Class Choices *
9th Grade Math Class Choices *
Follow placement recommendation from current 8th grade math teacher. If you have already taken a full year of BOTH Algebra AND Geometry in middle school and are hoping to take our Algebra 2 placement assessment (traditionally an 11th grade math course), you can indicate that you are planning to test on the next question. For now, please choose Geometry and we will move you to the most appropriate level once we receive your placement exam scores. Non-honors Geometry is not available to 9th graders.
Have you already taken BOTH a full year of Algebra AND Geometry in middle school, and want to take our Advanced Algebra 2 math placement assessment? This is to try and test in to an upper level math course of predominantly 11th graders. *
Advanced Algebra 2 is traditionally an 11th grade class and only offered after students have demonstrated strong proficiency in both Algebra & Geometry.
9th Grade Science: *
All 9th graders at East take Biology Honors. Supports and differentiation to best meet students' abilities and needs are built into the course.
9th Grade Social Studies: *
All 9th graders at East take Geography Honors. Supports and differentiation to best meet students' abilities and needs are built into the course.
World Language
All DPS 8th graders should follow placement recommendations from their current world language teachers. Here are the general guidelines- If you have taken 0-1 year of a world language in middle school- sign up to take level 1. If you have taken 2 years in middle school- level 2. 3 years- level 3, etc. Beyond that, students with extensive language education/experiences beyond 3 years of middle school, should describe them in the next question. A world language department member will follow up with you with further guidance regarding advanced level recommendations. **If Spanish is spoken at your home and you understand Spanish and can already speak some Spanish, please sign up for Spanish Language Arts 1 (Spanish for Native Speakers).
Clear selection
If you believe your student is eligible to take level 4 or above in world language, please include your student's language education/ experiences and their current middle school, and we will connect you with a member of our world language team for further guidance.
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