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Northwestern University Graduate Workers (NUGW) is an organization of graduate student employees from across the university dedicated to making Northwestern a better place. We are committed to building a strong and democratic union that advocates for the working rights of all graduate employees and ensures us a seat at the table. Participation is open to all current Northwestern graduate students.
Becoming a member means you can now vote on major union decisions, attend committee meetings, and join fellow workers in advancing the welfare of all NU graduate workers and our families. By signing up, you agree to receive occasional updates and invitations by email and/or text. *
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Department Organizers (DOs) are NUGW members who organize their departments, report to the Internal Affairs committee, and coordinate between the OC and their departments. DOs maintain NUGW membership lists, assessments, and contact information for their departments, and communicate NUGW information to their departments. Larger departments are encouraged to have multiple organizers. If you select yes, a member of the OC or Internal Affairs will be in touch to walk you through the position in detail.
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(Including but by no means limited to questions such as: Are you a parent, or taking care of somebody else? Do you identify with a group marginalized by university policies? Are you involved with any other organizations that might have common goals with NUGW? Do you have any particular skills you'd be able to or are interested in contributing?)
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