KAWAIICON: II Origins 2020 - Call For Cookery and Craft
The Kawaiicon Crüe decided 2020 was a year for change. New Zealand probably won't allow any of ya'll inside the country come November, so we decide to pivot and do what we do best: cooking and crafting!

For those of you who don't know: The only thing Crüe loves more than computer hacks is food hacks. That is why we decide it was about damn time to publish a cookery and craft book.

We are looking for:
- Food and drink recipes
- Crafting patterns and guides
- Coloring pages

So that weird family recipe that includes orange, fake cheese and jell-o? Sub it!

That recipe that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, and you wanna share that feeling with others? Sub it!

That amazeballs amigurumi pattern that looks nothing like what it is supposed to be but is full of love and lol's? Sub it!

The more infosec puns you can fit in the better. We don't exactly know what we are doing, so having some patience would help too. We are aiming to do a digital book, and will hopefully aim to release something for November during the traditional Kiwi Hacker Christmas time.
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