The Australian Celtic Fashion Awards
Cost: School Student $33, Tertiary $55 and Open $60

Prize Money: $500 First, $300 Second, $200 Best Student Design (Tertiary or School)

A separate entry form is needed for each article
Entries will close on the 13th of April 2020. Entries after this date may be accepted under the discretion of the Committee.
Garments must be received at the Glen Innes Visitor Information Centre by 17th April 2020.

1. The entry form and entry fee/s and garments must be received by 17th April 2020 in order for you to receive your entry number and instructions.
On receipt of your entry fee an entry number will be allocated and sent to you. No refunds.

2. Presentation of awards will be at the Official Australian Celtic Awards Night hosted by the Glen Innes and District Services Club.

3. Your name must NOT appear on any garment or accessory. Tags showing this number must be sewn onto the rear lining. Please mark all accessories (shoes, hats, etc.) with this number. If a garment or item is not marked it may not be returned.

4. Garments must be made to standard men's and woman's wear as per commercial pattern sizes.
Garments not complying may not be paraded. 

5. Garments must have sewn in hanging tapes in skirts, trousers, strapless & one shouldered dress/gowns.

6. Each garment must feature tartan.

7. All reasonable care will be taken with your entry but no liability will be accepted for loss or damage to any garment or accessory in the custody of The Australian Celtic Fashion Awards, or for the insurance and transport to and from The Australian Celtic Fashion Awards.

8. Entries will be returned in your original packaging, please ensure it will withstand the return journey. All entries will be returned COD Post. We find the Australia Post boxes strong. To ensure we send your garment in the correct box, please LABEL THE BOX with your entry number.

9. Garments are displayed by models chosen by Australian Celtic Fashion Awards.

10. The Australian Celtic Fashion Awards reserves the right to utilise photos and videos of the garments at any time now or in the future. 

11. Entries will be returned after the 2020 Australian Celtic Festival. You can expect your garment to be sent by 10 May 2020.

12. Prizes will be awarded at the sole discretion of the Judges. No correspondence will be entered into. If, in the opinion of the Judges, entries do not meet the required standard, no award will be made. Prize monies will be paid at the Awards Night if winners are present. Winners not available to attend the awards night will be paid within 30 days.

13. All matters relating to the conduct of The Australian Celtic Fashion Awards are at the sole discretion of the organising Committee.

14. Judges and the organising Committee reserve the right to parade a selection of entries. Your entry may not be chosen for the parade.
15. No entrant is allowed backstage before or after Presentation Night without prior permission and under no circumstances will garments or accessories be given out after the Parade.

16. There is a maximum of 3 garments per person or group.
Section Brief – A Tartan Day Out
The Australian Celtic Fashion Awards theme for 2020 is “A Tartan Day Out”. Imagine family fun on a picnic, splendidly clad in tartan knickerbockers, maybe a fanciful shirt and glamorous head-wear, all featuring your favourite tartan (what a great opportunity to recycle or re-purpose, too). We encourage you to think outside the traditional garments and dressmaking rules in 2020. Be creative, be resourceful, be brave; and stitch, knit, felt, weave (even paint!) all manner of tartan inspired wearable fashion items.
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