Fall 2017 Summit Denali Middle School Camping Trip Driver Volunteer Signup Form
The camping trip is 9/7/17-9/8/17. We need drivers to get the students both there and back.

For more information about the camping trip, please visit our camping trip web page: https://summitdenaliparents.wordpress.com/camping-trip/

Summit Denali requires that the specific volunteer driver paperwork be submitted and checked before you can drive other students. The paperwork is changing this year, so we will need to send you an updated copy once we get it.

Please note: All volunteer drivers need to fill out the volunteer paperwork each school year.

Your First Name *
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Your Last Name *
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Your Email Address
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Your Phone Number (Mobile Phone preferred) *
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Student First Name *
If you have multiple children @ Denali, please pick one for this form.
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Student Last Name *
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Student Grade Level *
Student's Community Group
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If you have additional children @ Denali, please list them here (both first and last name and grade level)
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Can you drive TO the camping trip on Thursday 9/7? *
Drivers will arrive @ Denali at drop off time, and will drive students up in the morning.
How many students (including your own) can you drive up on 9/7?
Every student must have a working seatbelt.
Can you drive back to Denali FROM the camping trip on Friday 9/8? *
Drivers will arrive @ the campsite around 11:30am on Friday 9/8 to pick up students.
How many students (including your own) can you drive back on 9/8?
Every student must have a working seatbelt.
Let us know your preference
Let us know if you really want to drive versus if you are willing to drive, but if we have enough drivers you are happy to bow out.
Any Comments?
Let us know if there are any special considerations. Or if you might have extra space to carry gear.
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