Raid Leader Application
Please read the following if you are interested in becoming a Raid Leader for Attuned:

Raid Leader Expectations and Requirements:

The purpose of Raid Leader in Attuned is to organize groups, execute raids and accommodate players who are interested in raiding. This is not a position solely dedicated to leading raids themselves. As such, those who become raid leaders are expected to maintain a level approach when it comes to raids and those who wish to join for raids. Some form of organizational skills are expected to set up raid groups. Please keep in mind that the position of Raid Leader is not part of the command structure of the guild. The expectation of Raid Leaders is as followed:

1. Organize raid groups for themselves or others.
2. Willingness to train others on the mechanics of the raid or role within the raid.
3. Maintain a form of professional courtesy when dealing with other members of a raid.
4. Work with other Raid Leaders to exchange information (either about raids or raid members).
5. Document pertinent information about raids or raid members (if needed).
6. Correspond with Commanders, Officers or the Leaders if any issues arise that need attention.
7. Organize raid times outside of official Attuned guild events.

Failure to meet these expectations will prompt a removal of Raid Leader status.

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5. Are you willing to share information with other raid groups or Commanders/Officers/Leaders? *
6. Are you able to be unbiased when it comes to picking members for a raid group? *
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