BXE Frontline community support fund Application
**UPDATE** BXE is in a fundraising drive and not currently able to make new grants for frontline groups. You are welcome and encouraged to fill out this form (or better yet call or email your BXE friends!) to tell us what you're working on. And we may be able to assist with some emergency actions and expenses. But until we raise additional funds dedicated to this purpose, we are not able to send grants. **/Update**

Beyond Extreme Energy (BXE) is excited to be able to make small grants (up to $1000) that support front line community action to stop fracking and fracked gas infrastructure.

These funds are intended to strengthen your or your group's engagement with the entities you are opposing, like FERC, Spectra, Dominion, etc. We support a range of tactics and strategies, including direct action to block fossil fuels and infrastructure, but are generally not able to fund direct legal costs, or cost associated with legal intervening (like paying court fees, bail etc). Due to limited funding, we're not able to offer more than 2 grants to any one organization in a single year (Jan-Dec). BXE never supports violence, the threat of violence, or property destruction.

In order to develop and nurture a reasonable level of accountability for our decision-making, we'll ask you to provide an up-front plan and budget, and work with us during and after your action to provide reports for our funders, as appropriate.

Final decisions on what to fund or not fund, and how, are made by the BXE Fundraising and Budget Committee, based on the advice of a council of Front Line Advisors and the BXE General Meeting - which is open to all. Please join our next General meeting call (usually Thursdays at 5pm Eastern) after you submit your application so you can tell us more about your proposal, give us a chance to meet you (if we haven't already), and ask you questions.

In general, you should expect to hear back from BXE within 48 hours acknowledging your application. After that we give one week for our Advisory committee to offer thoughts in writing, and for the General meeting to see and discuss your proposal. The Budget Committee will then discuss and vote on your application (usually within 2 weeks of submission) and notify you if they approve your request, decline it (and why) or have more questions. More detailed rules and guidelines can be found here: https://beyondextremeenergy.files.wordpress.com/2016/08/beyondextremeenergyfrontlinecommunitysupportfunda3.pdf
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