Marks and Splashes Group - projects seeking illustrators
Not an agency, nor an artists' representative, we're more of an informal posting board connecting authors, self-publishers and app developers with our "Marks and Splashes" online learning community of illustrators and artists -- from nearly every country around the world.

Give us an idea of the kind of artwork you're looking for -- and we'll post it, in your own words, to our group. Artists who are interested will send you an e-mail intro with a sample or two or links to their portfolio sites or blog.The artists understand that the writer does not have to answer back if not interested in the artist's work or style for this project.

There's no charge for posting. If you decide to work with one or more of the artists, it's up to the two of you to craft your own individual agreement to include payment details, a payment schedule, deadline for work, scope of work details, rights to be sold, etc.

When you've answered with your statements (particularly the three required questions) on the form, a new form will pop up on the page acknowledging that you've successfully submitted and thanking you.

(I'll follow up with a personal e-mail of thanks, letting you know when I'll post your gig to the community, so you can be on the lookout for artists' e-mails.-- Mark M.)
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