Open Tools for Open Source Compliance
Double Open project aims to propose a full workflow for open source compliance based on open tooling and open data. The proposal will be based on existing open tooling, and filling gaps where necessary. We aim to provide a proof of concept for some popular development tooling / tooling combination. With this survey, we investigate the existing landscape, and the popularity of existing tooling.

For other background information on the project, please see

Short Ecosystem Survey for Organizations
Help us in producing a complete background! The publication at will be complemented with the information collected by this survey. You can also tell us in case you are willing to participate in a longer survey. These results are published under CC-BY-4.0 at

The content of this survey is based on the initial publication by Double Open project at

Answer based on your current knowledge only, as relates to your organization. The survey doesn't aim to survey exact information, but to get a grasp on the landscape.

The answers are anonymous, unless you provide your organizations name. If you provide an organization name, it will be used only for sorting results per number of organizations and will not be published. You may also provide your email in case you want to stay informed about the activity in the Double Open project.

Participation and use of open compliance initiatives:
Open tools in open source compliance:
Commercial tools in open source compliance:
Development Tooling and Technologies
Please reply which tools your organization uses in software development. Answer based on your current knowledge only. The survey doesn't aim to survey exact information, but to get a grasp on the landscape.
Request and/or incident management tools:
IDEs (Integrated Development Environments):
Source code management (SCM) tools and services:
Continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) tools:
Build tools, frameworks and dependency management:
Package indexes and repositories
Document management:
Testing frameworks:
Container technologies:
Name of organization:
Voluntary, the information will only be used to sort results per number of organizations.
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