First United Methodist Communication Evaluation
Please answer the following questions about communication at FUMC to the best of your ability. The responses to this evaluation form are being collected by an outside consultant and compiled for use by FUMC. Your detailed and unedited feedback will be helpful in improving communication efforts.
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How involved are you in the life of FUMC? *
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What is your main reason for being a part of FUMC? *
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Known Methods of Communication (Receiving Information) *
How do you hear about events and/or announcements?
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Known Avenues of Communication (Sending Information) *
When you need to communicate with others at FUMC, what mediums do you use?
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Where do you see FUMC excelling in communication? *
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What are some areas of communication that could use improvement? *
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What do you hear others (outside your congregation) saying positively about FUMC? *
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What are some areas for growth you hear others (outside your congregation) mention about FUMC? *
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Are there communication tools you see others (churches and/or people) using that you think FUMC should try? *
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How well do you know the people of FUMC? *
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How well do you know the ministries offered at FUMC? *
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Would you know exactly how to get involved in a ministry of interest to you? *
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I Know All The Right Steps To Take
Do you feel inspired to be more involved in ministry through communication about what is happening at FUMC? *
Not at all
I have taken part because of stories I have heard
Do you find the FUMC website easy to use and helpful? *
Not at all
Very easy to use and helpful
Do you find the Weekly E-Connect effective in communicating stories and events? *
Not at all
Very Effective
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