This assessment analyzes your career advancement opportunities based on 9 critical factors.
This assessment is anonymous, and for the moment this version is available for free.

This assessment takes approximately 22 minutes to complete, and should be completed using a computer or tablet. It is not recommended using a telephone to answer this assessment.


Thank you for time and contribution to this work.


Joshua SMITH

Sample Assessment Result
Please respond to these 156 statements as honestly and as accurately as you can. *
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Strongly Agree
I enjoy daydreaming more than I enjoy real life.
I'm not concerned with others' talent and skills development.
I am concerned for others' needs and wants.
I'm not motivated in my job, and neither are others around me.
I'm someone others like speaking to and being around.
I'm careful not to display inappropriate levels of emotion at inappropriate times.
I keep others informed of their progress and improvement.
I have a clear 2- and 5-year career plan, and my superiors know this.
I believe keeping budgets low encourages creativity and innovation.
I avoid getting involved in other people's professional and personal problems.
I am comfortable giving presentations in front of an audience.
I don't hold grudges, and can be nice to people who make me angry.
I want more responsibility and my superiors are aware of this.
After I defend myself in an argument, I apologize for being so direct and confrontational.
I am good at finding the humor in bad situations.
I'm good at evoking empathy and sympathy in others.
I believe that what's most important in an employee is their ability to follow orders.
I keep distance and professionalism between myself and others.
I am good at assessing people's personality & competence level.
When I'm having a bad day, I seek the company of others rather than stay alone.
I believe that good luck is on my side.
Part of my responsibility to my employer involves helping others improve their work habits and performance.
When I'm under stress and anxiety, I smoke, overeat, or do something that I know is unhealthy for me.
I avoid responsibility, and make as few decisions as possible.
I'm confident in my experience and competence, and I'm comfortable giving advice to others.
I believe customer service is less important than product quality. High-quality products will reduce customer complaints.
I assume everyone I meet is mostly trusting and transparent.
I'm sociable, talkative, and I enjoy being around people.
I believe turning revenue from sales into smart investment opportunities is better than differentiating our product/service from competitors.
I assume others require motivation, otherwise they will not do their job.
I'm curious, understand things quickly, and have great ideas to offer my employer.
I believe in creating a few highly-superior products/services rather than having many commodity products/services.
I become quiet and distant when I am angry or sad.
I feel inferior and less qualified than the people I work with.
I'm impatient and dislike waiting for things.
My superiors are not aware of my contribution to the company.
I spend as little time on a project as necessary and don't worry if there are errors in my work.
My employer offers VIP training for high-potential employees, and I have access to this training.
I anticipate problems/opportunities and take on projects and responsibilities in addition to what I am 'officially' responsible for.
When faced with stress, anxiety, and demanding situations, I remain calm and focus on solutions.
Colleagues frequently ask me for help/advice.
I believe in focusing on improving existing product/service quality, even if it is not showing any immediate return on investment.
I try to persuade and control the environment around the decision-making process.
I enjoy meeting and working with people from different cultures and philosophies.
I organize my life so that I'm never late for or miss a meeting or a deadline
Others tend to mistreat and take advantage of me.
I believe improving customer service is more important than improving product/service quality.
I like staying up-to-date with the newest, innovative technology.
I believe investing heavily in sales and marketing to keep demand high is more important than creating a superior product/service.
I'm happy with what I have accomplished so far in my life and career.
I am respected by my superiors as a top-performing employee.
When I discover something I'm unfamiliar with, I invest time learning about it.
I'm not where I want to be in my career, but I am not stressed and have goals and plans to achieve them.
I create an attractive vision for my team to unite behind and work towards.
When I'm angry, stressed, or disappointed, I show it.
I prefer to be among the decision-makers.
When handling conflict such as angry and demanding people, I resolve the problem so everyone benefits.
When handling manipulative or dangerous people, I remain calm, "play their game," and protect myself.
I inspire others and help them find meaning in their work.
I'm an optimistic and positive person.
I feel superior and more qualified than the people I work with.
When I experience setbacks, I perservere and sacrifice to meet my goals.
I'm patient and am willing to wait for things.
I encourage others to contribute to the decision-making process.
I believe providing a product/service that is drastically superior to competitors is the best way to build business.
I know how to quickly and thoroughy gather relevant and helpful information to make decisions.
I prefer to help people solve their problems themselves rather than telling them what to do or giving them the solution.
I believe rules were made to be challenged, improved, and broken.
I'm good at objectively analyzing and evaluating problems and solutions.
I am comfortable confronting and challenging someone if they become too arrogant.
As far as I am aware, I've reached the point in my current job position where there is nothing substantial left for me to learn.
I like staying up-to-date with the newest, innovative business and industry changes.
I assume everyone I meet has an ulterior motive, are dishonest, and should be approached with caution.
I am good at persuading others to give me what I need/want.
When things don't work for me as planned, there are usually good reasons why.
I don't have many memories from my youth.
I anticipate situations, problems, and emotional responses so I can be better prepared.
I believe people who break the law should be helped more so than punished.
When making decisions, my priority is the people I work with.
I believe people are either good or evil.
When faced with stress, anxiety, and demanding situations, I panic and can't focus on solutions.
I deal with stress and anxiety by doing something healthy and constructive.
In the last year, I have identified an opportunity for my employer to save time and money &/or increase revenue.
When I'm angry, stressed, or disappointed, I hide my emotions and don't let others know.
When a colleague is overwhelmed, I do extra work to help.
No matter how hard I try, 'the system' is against me and prevents me from succeeding.
When others hurt or insult me, I become aggressive and confrontational.
I tend to react compulsively and trust my instinct when dealing with people and situations.
When others are angry at me, I tend to get annoyed at insignificant things.
I challenge others to innovate their thinking and come up with new solutions.
I am there to help and equip others in achieving the goals they set for themselves.
I treat others as equals to myself in the decision-making process.
I sympathize with others when something goes wrong for them.
I consider talent and skills development to be a priority for others.
I'm willing to start a new project or business, despite risk of failure.
I'm accessible to others whenever they need me.
I can adapt to almost any personality and work-style.
Whenever I take responsibility and delegate tasks to others, they don't challenge me.
My professional and personal lives are balanced.
People who are angry at me are likely over-exaggerating a little.
If a managerial position above me were to suddenly become available, I would be the obvious person to fill the position.
I don't interfere and prefer to let others do their job as they want to, as long as they get the work done.
When faced with risk, danger and obstacles, I believe I can overcome anything.
I am good at planning, organizing, and solving complex projects.
I prefer new and exciting situations and experiences rather than old routines.
When mistakes are made, I find why the mistake occurred.
I provide recognition and rewards when people reach their goals, and consequences when they do not.
I know my rights, company policy, and the law, and I am willing to give them up for the greater good.
No matter how hard I work, I can never get what I want.
I'm reserved and enjoy doing things alone.
When dealing with conflict, I first try to understand how I contributed to it.
I believe rules and procedures were created for a reason, and should be followed, respected, and left unchallenged as long as they work.
I provide personal attention to those who need help the most.
I'm not where I want to be in my career, and it worries me that I will become a failure.
I believe I am underpaid considering my experience and qualifications.
In all business-related activities, I try to make my employer look good.
I take my responsibilities seriously and make sure my work is perfect before submitting it.
Recruiters & headhunters frequently contact me with job offers.
I have high expectations for myself and others.
When goals become too difficult or costly, I abandon them and pursue something else.
I prefer to talk about thoughts and ideas rather than my emotions.
I'm not organized and as a result miss/am late for deadlines and meetings.
I speak clearly and focus on what we 'could' and 'should' do.
If I turned in my letter of resignation today, my employer would try to keep me from leaving.
I make decisions and define goals and performance standards, and then push others to meet them.
I tend to overlook or ignore negative facts and bad news.
I follow the rules, even when they make my job more difficult.
When faced with risk, danger and obstacles, I separate myself from my emotions.
When others criticize my work, I listen without taking it personally.
I'm a serious and skeptical person.
If someone at work annoys me, I'm comfortable doing something to make their job/life more difficult.
My opinion about people can change frequently and quickly depending on what they are doing.
I'm realistic and practical, efficient at following routines and processes, and good at conventional problem-solving.
I want others to reach their full potential, personally and professionally.
I am good at telling stories that people remember.
I know the personal and professional objectives of my colleagues.
I feel like the people around me are draining me.
I manage stress and anxiety by doing healthy, relaxing activities that I enjoy.
Not getting what I need/want puts me in a bad mood for a long time.
When managing problems, I put them aside and don't think about them until I am ready and have time to deal with them.
I am not as nice as people believe I am.
My LinkedIn Profile & CV are up to date.
Superiors, colleagues, & clients respect me as a specialist in my field of work.
I have little concern for others needs and wants.
When someone is annoying me, I remain diplomatic with them.
I consider negative feedback as an insult to my respect and competence.
I prefer to relax at my favorite place rather than try new places.
I believe offering the lowest prices is the best way to dominate your competitors.
I don't get embarrassed easily, and I can laugh at myself.
My opinion about myself changes from good to bad depending on my mood.
I think carefully about what I will say and do before I communicate with others.
I am good at helping my team work together and be more productive.
I know my rights, company policy, and the law, and I demand they be respected.
I tend to forget negative feelings and bad news quickly.
I prefer to let others make the decisions, and then I help them make the project a success.
I am comfortable bending or breaking rules that make my job needlessly difficult.