Annual Hermanus Camp Enrolment & Indemnity Form
Hey there Camper!

We trust you have had a successful, happy year and are looking forward to joining us on the banks of the Hermanus Vlei for the 111th Summer Camping Adventure.

The dates for the 111st Camp are:
Thursday 27th December 2018 to Sunday 6th January 2019
Wednesday 26 December - Advance Party sets up camp
Thursday 27 December - Circle Boys Arrive
Sunday 30 December - Family Day
Sunday 6 January - Strike Camp - Everyone goes home

Please complete this form and email proof of payment to Places are limited, so best apply early!

Personal Details
Son's name and surname *
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Date of birth
Age of son as of 1st January 2019 *
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School/Varsity attending in 2019
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2019 School grade
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Mother's name and occupation
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Father's name and occupation
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Address *
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Post Code
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Parent's Address during camp
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Contact details *
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Mother's cell
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Father's cell
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Son's Email (If he has)
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If you are a new camper, who were you introduced by?
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Medical Aid *
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Principle member *
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Membership number *
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Please circle if any of the following are applicable to your son, requiring special attention:
Number of previous camps attended
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Please indicate the section which you were in at your last camp
Date of last camp
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Please tick the appropriate box
Lifting options
If you are able to help with lifting Circle boys up to camp this would be greatly appreciated. All lifts will leave from St Thomas Church (outside Bishops) at 07:00 on the first day of camp.
If you are able to lift please indicate the number of circle boys you will be able to transport
Visitors day
We invite campers families to join us at camp for a day and to take part in the festivities of Family Day. To this end we would like to encourage you to join your son at camp and see how he has been thriving there.
I will be joining my son at camp on visitors day
Please indicate the number of visitors you are expecting to bring
This is for catering purposes
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Indemnity Form
I hereby acknowledge that: THE ANNUAL HERMANUS CAMP, represented herein by its office bearers (Hereinafter called the Camp) has agreed to allow me to participate in all the Camp’s activities subject to the following conditions:

1. I have read and clearly understood the rules laid down by the Camp Committee in the Camp Booklet, and agree to abide strictly by these rules as a condition of my attending Camp.

2. I will obey all lawful instructions of the Commandant, Adjutant, and all other Camp authorities, covering any aspects of any expedition or whatever activities undertaken, and acknowledge that I am fully bound by and shall comply with such instructions.

3. I am aware of the inherent risks in all the Camp activities, and I for myself and my heirs, executors and administrators or assigns hereby indemnify and hold harmless the Camp, from any claim of any nature whatsoever, however arising, whether from injury to myself and family or my associates or loss of my possessions, and irrevocably waive any claim that I may have against the Camp.

4. I voluntarily assume the risk inherent in taking part in any activity of the Camp. My general health is good and there is nothing that renders me unfit from undertaking such an excursion.

By ticking this box, I, as the intended Camper, hereby agreed to the terms laid out above *
By ticking this box, I, as the intended Camper's legal guardian, hereby agreed to the terms laid out above *
I concur and give my permission for the above-mentioned Camper to partake in all the activities offered by the Camp. I sign this indemnity both on my own behalf and on behalf of my son.
T-shirts and payment
We have colourful Camp T-shirts at R100 each (sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL). You can either place your order now, or buy one at Camp
Please indicate if you would like to pre-order a shirt by selecting a size (and add the R100 into your camp fees)
I would like to add in a sponsorship donation of the following amount to my camp fees (please note that this is not compulsory)
All donations go towards helping get less privileged boys to camp
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