Green Waste Application
We are always looking to divert more waste from animal owners, businesses and industries. Please fill out the form below if you fit any of the following criteria and would like to take advantage of our waste diversion program. In this form the term organic means compostable waste such as manure, plants, food, fish, etc. and not only certified organic.

-You have livestock and no space/not able to remove manure
-Your production waste is organic (food, leaves, shells, bones, etc)
-You are no longer able to send organic waste to the municipal landfill
-You have organic waste and are looking for a more cost effective or environmentally friendly alternative

*At this time we are particularly interested in seafood/fish waste and fresh manure.
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Has this waste been in contact with chemicals? (processed with cleaning agents, animal medications, pesticide/fungicide treatments, etc.) If so, what? *
Are you able to deliver to our facility in Egerton? *
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