Register: Navigating Complexity with Dr. Slawinski
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Join us to engage in an exciting discussion that combines academic and practitioner perspectives.

In this session, Dr. Slawinski will discuss the role of leadership in navigating complexity and paradox that challenges traditional approaches to organizing.

Natalie will present findings from an in-depth multi-year study of Shorefast, a social enterprise on Fogo Island, that show how leaders invite employees to engage with complex paradoxical ideas on their terms while offering guidance, giving confidence and encouraging reflection. This approach leads to shifts that foster an organization’s capability for navigating
complexity. She will then show how this research inspired a practitioner model: The PLACE model of community development.

Presenting both the academic study and the practitioner framework, Natalie will showcase how to cross the theory/practice divide.

Finally, Dr. Slawinski will provide information on Memorial University's new MBA in Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.
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