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Welcome to "Greater Businesses of Pearland". Thanks for your kind consideration to be on our committee(s).

Greater Businesses of Pearland or GB Pearland, is a local non profit grassroots group consisting of community members who get involved in the community. GB is a FREE, open group of professionals and is designed to be that way. At GB, we offer several opportunities for serving, promoting yourself and your organization, growth, leadership, team building and outreach.

Joining on our committees entail the following
Due recognition for your leadership. Will be listed on the team roster on our website. If you have  business or offer some service, we will be glad to plug that in
You can develop your team building skills
You get to work with some really lovely people
You get to hang out and have drinks and dinner and laughs while planning and executing
You get a sense of true internal happiness when working for a good cause
Develop contacts and further your career or business
Great value add to your resume
Financial compensation (in future, not at this time)

What we expect is
Commitment - time and effort
We expect that you be with us minimum for one year and at least 2 years
Positive Attitude
Team player
Working with limitations and bounds
Help us with your skills, contacts and support
Must be able to lead a sub committee
Must be willing to be involved in promotions

You can be on a single committee or multiple committees based on your availability and willingness. What we at GB assure you is
- We respect your personal situation and we do everything possible to make your experience GB a very good one

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