Nvidia RTX 3000 Series Wait List
We have created a wait list due to exceptionally high demand and limited availability. Join the wait list to reserve your spot in the queue.

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Australia Only
Please be aware that this wait list is for Australia only.
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Use our FAQ Page to check your current queue position, selected card preferences, and ETAs on when cards are available: https://www.techswich.com.au/publications/announcements/nvidia-rtx-3070-3080-3090-wait-list-allocation-pricing-faq/
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Please note any information on pricing and availability for RTX 3070 are unavailable until after official launch date.
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You will still be able to switch to a different model if they become available first. Full list (RTX 3080): https://www.techswich.com.au/store/components/graphics-video-card/nvidia-rtx-3080/, Full list (RTX 3090): https://www.techswich.com.au/store/components/graphics-video-card/nvidia-rtx-3090/
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