Accelerated Math Program
There are two ways to complete a math year faster.

1. Challenge the entire course by writing 1 exam( This is reserved for people that have already completed the content somewhere else). Your mark on that exam will be your mark for that course. You must score 75% or more to complete the course. There are no retests on this exam.

2. Complete all the work books and all the tests and simply do it faster. This could allow you to complete 2 grades in one year or complete most of the grade and then finish the course in summer school. Please note, summer school is an abbreviated course and does not provide the same practice and understanding as doing the entire course.

PLEASE NOTE: Participation in this program requires that you act as a leader and role model in the class that you are accelerating in. It is expected that you always working on math and working ahead while in the classroom.

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Please see Mr. Spray in 309 to discuss your options and support
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