Nomination: Full-Time Faculty of the Year
Purpose: OKCU’s Excellence in Teaching Award for Full-time Faculty honors a faculty member whose teaching is deemed to be exemplary. The award is presented once every academic year.

1. Eligibility - a) All full-time faculty members are eligible for this award; b) The award recipient is not eligible again for five years; c) A faculty member in his/her last year of employment at the university is not eligible.

2. Criteria may include:
a) demonstrates a mastery of the subject matter and how students learn;
b) helps students to develop their own understanding of fundamental principles, organizing concepts, and complex subjects and techniques;
c) challenges students to confront intriguing or important problems and tasks;
d) transforms substantially how students think, act, and feel;
e) provides frequent, honest, and supportive yet challenging feedback;
f) respects and trusts students.

3. Procedure for Nomination - Any full-time faculty or administrator may nominate by this link. A student nomination survey will be sent to the student body at the beginning of the spring semester.

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Descriptive narrative describing "why" you are nominating. (Please see criteria above.) This may count as one of the two required letters of support describing the nominees exemplary teaching practice.
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