Cowichan Career & Job Fair 2018 Registration
If you are an employer or education/training provider and would like to attend our upcoming Cowichan Career & Job Fair 2018, please complete this registration form by Friday, February 16, 2018.

Tables, chairs and tablecloths will be provided.

For your convenience, lunch and snacks will be available for purchase on site.

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Tables, chairs and tablecloths will be provided. Please check if you require the following:
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All employers and training providers attending the Career & Job Fair are asked to read the following statements and adhere to these expectations:

- Companies participating will actively recruit for existing and/or future vacancies at the Fair. Companies will make reasonable efforts to speak with Fair attendees regarding job openings.

- Companies who receive resumes for their own use during the Fair are prohibited from forwarding these resumes to any other company.

- Companies will make reasonable efforts to decorate their booths and provide company materials to attendees.

- Companies will complete and submit a Job Fair Evaluation Form.

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