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Please fill out a separate registration form for each person who is attending. Ideally, each person will use a unique email address to allow for email receipt and future editing of the registration if needed; however, if a person does not have an email address of their own, another person can fill it out for them using the same email address. Unique email addresses also make it possible for us to send each participant any preparatory information or updates. (If you are bringing children and might need childcare, please note it in the 'Children' comment box at the end of the form.)

Minors attending without their parent/guardian will need to have an adult sponsor and to fill out the permission and medical forms in addition to the registration form. To get the forms, email the adult co-sclerk of JYM Committee, Muriel Strand <> and Sarah Armstrong Jones <>.

After this deadline we might not be able to make housing assignments or include you in the food count. Go ahead and fill it out, though, and we'll see what we can do. We need a full attendance list for our records and for travel reimbursements.

WHEN: March 1-3, 2019

WHERE: La Jolla Friends Meeting
7380 Eads Ave.
La Jolla, California 92037
(858) 456-1020

Friday: 6pm Dinner, 7-9pm Introductions, and activity for All Monthly Meeting Reps
Saturday: 8:30am-9pm
Sunday: Continue business if needed. Meeting for Worship at La Jolla: 10am.

See RepCom webpage for Clerk's Call, Agenda, Details, Reports, Minutes, and more:

REPORTS DEADLINE: February 9th (see link above for more info)

INTEREST GROUPS DEADLINE for proposals for Annual Session: March 3rd (see link above for more info)

CONTACT: Sharon Gates, Assistant to the Clerk <>

COST: No cost to register. See "Food" section in registration form.

TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT: See "Travel Reimbursement" question in form below for more detail.

WHO IS INVITED: RepCom “consists of the officers of the Yearly Meeting, Clerks of Quarterly Meetings and all Yearly Meeting standing committees [including Young Adult Friends and JYM], the Registrar, one Representative from each Monthly Meeting, Representatives of special committees as approved by the Clerk, the convener of the Friends World Committee for Consultation Representatives, and the immediate past Clerk of Yearly Meeting. All members of Representative Committee are expected to attend all meetings of the Committee.” (PYM Faith & Practice 2001, pp 175-176) Other interested Friends are welcome to attend but might not qualify for travel reimbursement.

Many thanks to the La Jolla Friends for helping to make this gathering possible. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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Note: Ideally each person registering will use a unique email address in the field above. This makes it easier for you to make changes to your registration even after you've submitted it, and it makes it possible for us to send each participant any preparatory information or updates. Thanks!
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Is this your first time attending RepCom? Welcome! Please note any questions in the comment boxes as you go through the registration or contact Sharon Gates, Assistant to the Clerk <> with any urgent questions.
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Rep? *
Are you the Rep/Observer for your Meeting? (If you have an unusual situation, such as representing more than one Meeting, please note that under 'Other' and also check the Yes - Rep or Yes - Observer box.) Note: PYM provides for the expense of sending meetings’ representatives to RepCom from the budget for "Travel to Representative Committee." See "Reimbursement" question below for details. Representatives may apply to the PYM Treasurer for a travel advance, if needed: Roy Allen, TreasurerPYM <>. Preparative Meetings send a Representative to the PYM Annual Session but not to RepCom. Worship Groups don't have Reps. Mexico City Monthly Meeting may send two Representatives per year to RepCom or to Annual Session, or both, as Mexico City Monthly Meeting may discern.
Note: PYM provides for the expense of sending officers to RepCom from the budget for "Travel to Representative Committee." The Youth Programs Coordinator's travel comes from the YPCC budget. See "Reimbursement" question below for details. Representatives may apply to the PYM Treasurer for a travel advance, if needed: Roy Allen, TreasurerPYM <>.
Committee Clerk/Convenor?
Are you the CLERK or CONVENOR of any of the following committees (i.e., a regular member of Representative Committee)? For RepCom, clerks of ad hoc- and sub-committees are also included if asked by the Presiding Clerk to report: Please indicate under 'other.' Note: PYM provides for the travel expense of committee clerks and the FWCC Reps Convenor to RepCom from the budget for "Travel to Representative Committee." See "Reimbursement" question below for details. Representatives may apply to the PYM Treasurer for a travel advance, if needed: Roy Allen, TreasurerPYM <>.
JYM Meeting?
IF YOU ARE ATTENDING the Junior Yearly Meeting (JYM) Planning Meeting that is held in conjunction with RepCom, please respond to this question. JYM Clerks please also check the relevant boxes in the Officers or Committee Clerks sections above, because you are officially part of Representative Committee. Note: Minors must bring the parent/guardian permission and medical forms. To request the forms for minors for this event, contact the adult co-clerks of JYM Committee, Sarah Armstrong Jones <> and Muriel Strand <>.
Other Attender
If none of the above roles applies to you, please tell us a little about who you are and why you're attending RepCom.
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Please mark all that apply. Cost: suggested donation amounts for food will be posted and collected at mealtimes. All are welcome. Many thanks to the host meeting Friends who have volunteered to organize the meals. To help cut down on disposables and dish washing, consider bringing your own flatware, utensils, mug/cup, and napkin. (You might not be able to wash them at the meetinghouse due to crowding. The host site is working on this possibility.)
Which meals will you be having with us? (Saturday dinner is on your own -- usually groups form to go out to restaurants or back to the host's house.) Ask your assigned host whether you should bring your own food for breakfasts.
Fri Dinner
Sat Breakfast
Sat Lunch
Not sure yet
We'll pass on your questions/comments to the food coordinators, and they'll contact you if they need more info. We will do our best to accommodate your needs, but we cannot guarantee no cross-contamination or unintended errors. If you have multiple, complex, and/or severe food needs, consider bringing some or all of your own food. (There will be plenty vegetarian and vegan options.) There is a microwave available; please note that the onsite kitchen will be busy and you might not be able to access it at all times.
I'll bring my own food
Meat preferred
Low Salt
OTHER (please comment below)
Comment (Food)
Please let us know any particular dietary preferences or needs not represented above (especially indicate the severity of any intolerances, allergies, etc.). Please be specific.
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Housing? *
If you request to be matched with local Friends, we will do our best to accommodate you. On the off chance that we cannot, there might be financial assistance available to pay for nearby low-cost motel rooms for the overflow. We will let you know so that you can make arrangements. If none of these works, please comment in the accommodations comment box below.
If you are requesting housing please also answer this question. Note: FRIDAY evening agenda: 6pm Dinner, 7-9pm Introductions followed by Activities for All Monthly Meeting Reps. SATURDAY: 8:30am-9pm. SUNDAY: continue if needed. Meeting for Worship at La Jolla: 10am Sunday/First Day. If you choose 'Other' overnights, please elaborate in the accommodations comment box below -- we cannot guarantee to meet extraordinary requests but will see what we can do.
For overnight accommodations. (However, if you're part of JYM and staying at the meetinghouse, there's no need to respond to this question.)
(If you're part of JYM and staying at the meetinghouse then there's no need to respond to this question. You will need to bring bedding for floor sleeping.)
Floor OK
Mattress on floor OK
Couch OK
Top Bunk OK
I snore zzzzz
Shared room w/ snorer OK
Use CPAP machine
Shared room w/ CPAP user OK
To/From Hospitality
Can you get yourself to/from your overnight site and the Meetinghouse each day, or will you need a ride? (If you're part of JYM and staying at meetinghouse, there's no need to respond to this question.)
Both/all people must list each other on their own registration forms for this request to be honored. Please indicate if you would be ok sharing a bed with each other or need separate beds. (If you're part of JYM and staying at meetinghouse, there's no need to respond to this question.)
Your answer
Comment (Accommodations)
Do you have any other accommodation needs in regards to sleeping arrangements, gender, access, extra nights, etc.?
Your answer
Be aware that Friday travel times in the San Diego area can be MUCH longer than usual (e.g., don't assume that arriving at the San Diego airport at 4pm will get you to La Jolla by dinner time at 6pm, and take into account getting through midday LA traffic if coming from farther north!). Please take this into consideration in order not to create unreasonable expectations of the host committee. Thanks!
Arrival *
When and how will you be arriving? (e.g., "3pm Friday by car" or Flight/Train/Bus arrival details)
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What city/location will you be traveling from? (e.g., 'Stockton' or 'XYZ airport')
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When and to where will you be returning after RepCom?
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If you're arriving by bus/train/plane/bike/etc., please enter your arrival details here. For Amtrak, convenient stations are at Sorrento Valley and Old Town. San Diego's Metro Transit System #30 Bus Route has a stop one block away and maintains a bus trip planner to help commuters at . For flights, San Diego Airport (SAN) is closest, but Tijuana, Orange County, and LA airports are reasonably close if you are renting a car or arranging pickup on your own. Airport bus/van and rideshare are options, too. If you don't yet know (or if you want to wait until you receive your housing assignment, which could be anywhere between south San Diego and north county), please say so and give whatever info you can at this time. You will be able to edit this later. Local Friends will be willing to start doing pickups late Friday morning. Arriving early on Friday, if possible, is preferable due to traffic. Directions: See
Your answer
Can offer
Need ride
# Seats:
If offering carpool, how many seats (besides driver) can you provide?
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Travel Reimbursement
Travel costs for all Reps are paid per PYM’s reimbursement policy. Other interested Friends are welcome to attend but might not qualify for reimbursement. If you are one of the official members of RepCom (monthly meeting reps, clerks, FWCC convener, officers) or part of JYM Committee (or any committee having an official committee meeting in conjunction with RepCom for that matter), you are entitled to the "guideline cap" reimbursement: 25 cents/mile as calculated from your home meetinghouse to the host meetinghouse (based on a table that the Treasurer uses). Air/ground transportation is normally reimbursable for actual expenses up to the guideline cap. Mexico and Hawaii: $600 cap for round trip. However, if your expenses exceed the guideline cap, you may request full reimbursement by noting “Full reimbursement request” and an explanation. Please provide receipts when requesting reimbursement for specific expenses other than mileage. Note that for RepCom and Annual Session, ONLY ONE CO-CLERK per committee is eligible, or you can split the total reimbursement two ways. For clerks, meeting reps, and officers, these expenses are budgeted under "Travel to Representative Committee," thus a clerk's travel is not deducted from their committee's budget. (The additional JYM co-clerks and other JYM members not covered by the RepCom budget will have theirs reimbursed from the JYM Committee budget instead.) See PYM Reimbursement Policies for details, linked from Finance Committee's webpage: Additional notes: Friends are encouraged to reduce costs by carpooling, biking, or taking advantage of special bargain rates (early reservation, two-for-one, special offers, etc.). No reimbursement for less than $5.00 will be made without a specific request. Members who choose to commute daily to a meeting that takes place over more than one day will be reimbursed for only one round trip.Travel reimbursement checks are sent after attendance at the meeting unless a special request is made to the Treasurer for a travel advance. If expenses need to be prepaid, please communicate this request, in writing, to the Treasurer, describing requirements: Roy Allen, TreasurerPYM <>. We will have a copy of everyone's response to this question at RepCom for you to verify your attendance and reimbursement specifics.
*Voluntary Carbon Tax
Option to donate your travel reimbursement (see above) or make check out to "Pacific Yearly Meeting" with "Carbon Tax" in the memo, and give check to the Treasurer at RepCom. The Voluntary Carbon Tax is both an educational and a fundraising project of PYM's Unity with Nature Committee (UwN). The money goes into the UwN Special Projects Fund which is held by PYM and administered by UwN to benefit Earthcare projects, concerns, and ministries. Currently the main conduit for this is the UwN Mini-Grants Project for Meetings of PYM. Please see for more information and application forms. Unity with Nature hopes that thinking about the real carbon cost of all our various modes of transportation will move us to embrace the wise choices needed towards a carbon free future.
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Receipts Total
Total air/ground fare (if known)
Your answer
Supplemental Expenses
Please include description and amount of any "full request for expenses over cap"
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Comment (Travel)
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Almost there... Thanks for giving us all this info to help make RepCom happen!
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JYM teens attending the planning meeting should each fill out a registration form for themself. If you plan to bring other children, please note that below, and we will contact you.
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