Senator Karen McConnaughay's 2017 Winter Survey
Entering this new year and the beginning of the 100th General Assembly, I’d like to hear from YOU. What are you concerned about? What are your priorities? Please fill out my brief survey. Your feedback is so valuable to me as your voice in the Illinois Statehouse.
Please designate your top budget priorities.
The State Legislature is looking at changing how Illinois funds its schools. When considering potential changes to the state’s school funding system, what is most important to you?
Which one of these issues is the top concern of you and your family?
Illinois has a sales tax, but it does not tax services such as haircuts, attorneys or car repairs. Should the sales tax be expanded to services, as in many nearby states?
What do you think should be the state's top three priorities?
Your answer
Retired workers in Illinois do not pay a state income tax on retirement income. Which of the following statements reflect your view?
How do you learn about state and local issues?
How do you prefer to receive updates on state and local issues
What state road in your area is in most need of improvement?
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Do you have any other concerns you would like to share with me? Please do so below.
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