What can you tell me about gardening services?
A quick survey to get an idea of your gardening habits/services that you use and/or wish to improve upon.
Home Features
Do you live in Bristol or Bath?
Do you own your home?
Does your home have a garden?
What is the approximate size of your garden? (in sq meters)
Your answer
What features does your garden have? (several answers possible)
Has your garden ever had any formal design work done for it?
What time of year do you use your garden? (several answers possible)
What is the garden used for? (several answers possible)
Lifestyle Features
Do you work full time?
Average age of adults in house?
Your answer
Are their children regularly living in the house?
Do you practice an organic lifestyle?
Eat organic? compost? recycle? home crafts?
Are you ever involved in community projects?
Did you grow up with a garden that produced food?
Do you know about permaculture?
Gardening Lifestyle
Is gardening one of your hobbies?
Current annual budget for garden maintenance? (in ‎£)
Your answer
How confident are you in your gardening skills?
Never Held a Shovel
Green Thumb
How confident are you in your garden knowledge?
The green one?
Would you like the Latin name?
How confident are you with your current garden?
Please don't go out there
My pride & joy
Are you interested in learning more gardening skills/knowledge?
Do you pay for gardening services?
What services would you call a professional garden for? (several answers possible)
Do you want help with your garden in the future?
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