Three Rivers Fibershed Retail Survey
Hello Everyone! Your participation in this survey aids in our mission of connecting people to local fiber, labor, and dyes, helping us to be a better resource to the Three Rivers Fibershed community. Please note: any sensitive information you provide will stay confidential and anonymous.

The Three Rivers Fibershed yearly membership fee for retailers is $40 and includes your own page within our producer directory. Once your survey is reviewed we will contact you to send in your membership fee. Your yearly fee helps cover costs incurred by the Three Rivers Fibershed such as website fees, printing costs related to meeting and marketing materials, basic office supplies, and Three Rivers Fibershed fiber labels. Additionally, please provide 3-4 high quality photos in jpg format at or above 72 ppi. Photos should include an exterior image of your store front along with photos of the local section of your shop. These photos will be used in your listing on the producer directory.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at Please note: To be considered as a retailer for our directory, there must be a selection of product using fiber that is sourced from and processed within the Three Rivers Fibershed strategic geography, using local natural dyes or remaining undyed, for sale at your shop. The strategic geography for the Three Rivers Fibershed is a 175 mile radius from the Textile Center of MN.

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