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(An Estimate of Giving for 2019)
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Why is pledging important?
Pledging serves two purposes: (1) it helps to make living generously a priority in your life and (2) it helps the church have a predictable income upon which to plan. This financial pledge supports the church's operating budget. If financial circumstances change, you can always change your pledge by contacting the church office or rector.
How much should I pledge?
What matters most is how you pledge - prayerfully, intentionally, and proportionally to your income. Part of living faithfully is living generously. Scripture and tradition call us to give 10% of our income in service to God's work in the world. We know that Christ Church is one of several places in your life that does the work of God in the world and your giving will reflect that. Getting to 10% for giving can be a multi-year journey with setbacks along the way based on circumstances - that's fine - God takes the long view! As you prayerfully consider the intentional commitment you are able to make to the ministry and presence of Christ Church in your life and this community, let this chart help you wherever you are on your road to growing towards 10%.
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I would like more information about the following options for fulfilling my pledge. (The church will follow up with information in mid-December)
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