New Gloucester Comprehensive Plan Update
The Town’s Comprehensive Plan is from 1990. A lot has changed since then!

A comprehensive plan is a town's business plan. It takes stock of where we are and what we are doing then sets goals for where we want to be in the future.

In order to update our plan for today we need to hear from you. We will be asking for public input throughout this process but help us get started by answering these questions. We'll start with two demographic questions to make sure that we are reaching everyone then we'll ask for what you're thoughts on New Gloucester. Please share this with your family members and friends. We would like to hear from all people of all ages and groups!

Make sure to leave you email at the end to get updates as we go along and thank you.

What do you do in New Gloucester? (Check all that apply)
What age group are you in?
What do you like about New Gloucester?
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What are the greatest challenges that we are facing as a town?
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What do you hope will happen here in the next decade? What do you hope doesn't happen?
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The Comprehensive Plan is required to look at the following topic areas. Which are the most important to you personally? (check all that apply)
Beyond and within that list we can focus on anything that is important to residents of the town. What is important to you?
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Is there anything else that you feel the committee should be aware of or thinking about as we go forward in planing for the future?
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