Volunteer Complaint/Grievance Report
The Volunteer Grievance Procedure will be used where informal discussions are unsuccessful in resolving a situation, or circumstances make this route inappropriate.

Examples of grievances that may be raised include complaints regarding:-
• Supervision or management
• Harassment, bullying or discrimination
• Health and safety
• Capability/Workload

You will not be subject to reprisal for filing a grievance or for participation in the grievance procedure.

Note: The grievance procedure is not the appropriate vehicle for resolving interpersonal conflicts - please direct these to your Team Leaders or email volunteers@fringetheatre.ca

If you have general feedback or comments about the Volunteer Program or your Volunteer Experience please complete the Volunteer Survey you receive post festival.

Volunteer Complaints documented below will go to Volunteer Department for review. If your complaint involves the Volunteer Department please contact Executive Director Adam Mitchell: adam.mitchell@fringetheatre.ca

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