Meetings. Incentives. Conference. Events. (MICE) Industry Supplier Survey
Thank you for taking the time to complete this crucial 5 minute survey. The survey has 10 questions for suppliers in the MICE industry. Our aim is to source the views of industry professionals in Africa about the future of the Industry.

As a professional in this industry, your contribution will enable the industry to develop useful insights about the future of the industry on the African continent.

The survey is created by and remains the property of Niche Partners in collaboration with The Planner Guru. We encourage you to share the survey with fellow professionals in Africa who can add valuable contributions. Should your organisation wish to use this survey, please contact Niche Partners directly on, or call on +27 (0)72 576 1013.

Thank you for your participation.
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Section 1: Demographics Information
The following background questions are required in order to determine participant groups that have completed the survey. Please complete as accurately as possible.
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Section 2: Your Organisation
The following questions focus on your view of key areas that are most relevant to your current organisation of work.
1. What are the top 3 areas that you are most concerned about for your organisation at this time? Why? (Please consider your usual key performance indicators)
2. Do you expect growth or decline in the areas you mentioned in question 1 in the next two years? Why?
Section 3: The Industry
The following questions focus on your view of the future recovery of the broader MICE industry in Africa.
3. What would you consider to be the most important interventions for the MICE industry to remain sustainable?
4. On a scale of 1-3, what do you think will be the future of the meetings industry in Africa in 2021 and beyond (1 = The industry will recover to the growth levels before the virus, 2 = Neutral, 3 =The industry has changed and is unlikely to recover to growth levels before the virus)
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5. Following your rating above, please elaborate on your reasons for your rating?
Section 4: Client Expectations
This section focuses on your view of future client expectations.
6. How do you expect clients to respond regarding the frequency of Events?
7. List 3 areas in which you think your clients will require the most assistance from the meetings industry/your organisation beyond 2020
Section 5: Opportunities ahead
This section looks at your view on the future opportunities and plans that can be explored beyond 2020
8. List 3 opportunities that you think will exist in the MICE industry in Africa post the crisis?
9. What collaborations do you think could enable the African's MICE industry to remain sustainable?
10. Which of the following would you add as part of your growth strategy. (Please select your top 4)
Thank you for your participation!
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